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The Markets of India

I spent a lot of my time in India on the markets. There are always good photo opportunities and many people who own a stall are obviously very proud of what they are doing. So when you ask them for a photograph they usually comply, happily I must add.    

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 Varanasi is a strange place. On the one hand it’s full of touts and quite unfriendly locals, on the other hand it’s one of the oldest cities in the world and one of the holiest cities in India. The first few days I spent in Varanasi I didn’t like it at all. But after a [...]

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Holi in Bundi

I spent the first Holi Festival of my life in Bundi. I researched quite a bit about this festival before I came to India. I knew I wanted to experience Holi in northern India and I knew that I didn’t want to go to the major hotspots like Vrindavan, the big cities like Delhi or [...]

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The Temples of Tamil Nadu

I spent a few days exploring the temples in Madurai and Tiruchirappalli (also known as Trichy). What an awesome experience! Both cities are loud and chaotic places, but in the temples you’ll find an oasis of serenity and cheerfullness. Hindu people who come here show a kind of devotion that is quite alien to me, [...]

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Panchanantala Slum

A few days ago I was walking around in Calcutta and got lost (yes, I’m usually doing this on purpose). I came along the AMRI Hospital which burned down just a few days before, leaving 91 dead. Just a day before I was talking with Christian Nocon this and about the people from the slum [...]

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Motos in Phnom Penh

So, I’ve been to Laos and Cambodia for little more than a month. I spent time far out in the rural areas, and also in big cities like Phnom Penh. There are cars here, but the most important mode of transport is the motorcycle (or moto). There are only a few different models in use, [...]

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Muang Ngoi, Banna and Phongsali

Greetings from Luang Prabang. The past 2 weeks have been awesome! After leaving Nuang Khoi I went by boat up the Nam Ou river to Muang Ngoi. This place is high up the to do list for tourists, but still managed to remain some sort of peace and tranquility. This is due to the fact [...]

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Luang Prabang & Nong Kiau

After 2 days in the way too touristy Luang Prabang I managed to get out to Nong Kiau. Still a lot of tourists here, but already much better. Actually, really beautiful (once you leave the tourist area). I might even stay a bit longer here. Already made some friends. The photoprinter i brought with me [...]

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Bangkok – The Venice of the East

My second day in Bangkok. It’s a great city! A very small part of the center is under water right now, but the people are pretty relaxed about it. After all it’s not as bad as other parts of the northern Bangkok, which I didn’t visit. No portraits so far, I find it quite difficult [...]